[#ColoquioFilosofía] Amnesty and Sovereignty
    Fecha: 15/03/2017
    Hora: 12:30 PM a 2:00 PM
    Universidad de los Andes
    Salón RGC, segundo piso, Facultad de Derecho

    This paper explores the implications of domestic amnesties for international crimes. In particular, the permissibility of such amnesties under current conventional and customary international law has emerged as one of the most complex and controversial problems for current efforts at domestic transitional justice and peace negotiations.

    After a brief reconstruction of the various legal and political aspects of this problem, I argue that legal and political theorists have consistently under-estimated the importance of the expressive force of amnesties; their status as expressions of state sovereignty. This expressive function becomes especially important as the project of a cosmopolitan "transformation of sovereignty," begun in the early 1990s, has begun to falter over the last decade. In order to make progress on the problem of domestic amnesties for international crimes, I argue, the international legal community in general, and the International Criminal Court in particular, will need to re-assess its approach in a comprehensive manner.

    The emergent model of "positive complementarity" by the Court is a good example of the strengths and weaknesses of such a changed approach, and the paper briefly discusses how positive complementarity has and has not succeeded in advancing the Court's work. In a final section, the paper discusses the current amnesty and alternative sentencing proposals in Colombia's Comprehensive Accord with the FARC.


    Maxim A. Pensky, Professor of Philosophy. (Binghamton University) The State University of New York.

    Organizan: Departamento de Filosofía y Maestría en derecho Internacional Universidad de los Andes.

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